The Hannah


❤️ Love Story Alert! ❤️

Introducing "The Hannah".

This is the original test kit by DKIT

DKIT was made for my girlfriend "Hannah" who is a T1D! She thought it would be cool to have a wallet and test kit in the same spot! I saw that she was struggling with how she was interacting with her test kits and how she would get upset. This was hard for me to see and I wanted to make a change in her everyday life! With this in mind, I set out to specifically design and built out DKIT! 

This two in one test kit not only looks fashionable but provides you with the convenience of having your wallet and test supplies in one place! 

Also comes in Hazel Brown! 


8"x 4.5"x 1.5"

What your wallet is compatible with?

You get to decide how you set your DKIT up! 

Insulin Pens                             Test Strips 

PDM                                        Insulin Vile 

FreeStyle Libre                         And more! 

Your wallet also holds your cards, coins, and cash! 

*We Offer Our Dia-fam Satisfaction Guaranteed or money back* 

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