Hello from Hannah & Matt - the proud founders of DKIT! We have been a happy couple for 6 years. Hannah is a type 1 Diabetic and ensures all of our amazing DKIT products are optimized for diabetics worldwide. Matt is passionate about providing the best customer service possible to this amazing Dia-Fam!

How DKIT Started?

DKIT was born out of a need to be fashionable AND care for Diabetic needs. The DKIT journey began as Matthew learned how Hannah has had to adapt to finding a safe place to carry her Diabetic supplies. Left discouraged by the difficulty of being fashionable while staying organized Hannah and Matthew set out to solve the problem. We aim to stay on our game by developing new innovative ways to store, carry and travel with your Diabetic testing supplies.
Diabetics already need to carry around their pancreas, why not make it fashionable?